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Clean It Right, professional pressure washing graffiti off a brick wall

Graffiti Removal​

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Graffiti Removal
Prompt removal is the key to stopping graffiti vandals. Graffiti attracts more graffiti, both to your property and surrounding properties. By promptly removing graffiti you discourage vandals usually sending them on their way. CLEAN IT RIGHT has removed well over 20,000 tags.

Graffiti Proof Coatings
We offer a large range of products from graffiti proof paints to permanent and sacrificial coatings. Coatings can be applied to virtually any surface with little to no indication of its presents, forming an invisible barrier between graffiti and host surface. Using these products will greatly reduce the risk of surface damage and unsightly graffiti shadows. Thus, making graffiti removal easier and more cost effective for you.

Graffiti Paint-Over
We offer professional painting and color match services, for vandalism on painted surfaces.

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